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About the Founder 

Charlene Li

From my early days in China to my eventual settling in Toronto and the United States, my upbringing was a journey of constant movement and exploration. Traveling became second nature to me, igniting a deep passion for discovering the world around me. This wanderlust led me on countless solo adventures across South America and Europe, where I immersed myself in diverse cultures and experiences.


Each encounter and every moment during my travels left an indelible mark on my soul, reshaping not only my understanding of the world but also my perception of myself. Through these journeys, I came to realize that the concept of self is not static but rather fluid and ever-evolving. As David Mitchell beautifully put it, "Travel far enough, you meet yourself." Every year, as I venture into new territories, I uncover facets of myself that were previously unknown, enriching my life in ways I never thought possible.

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To our Dearest Guests,

A few years back, I had the opportunity to bring a foreign friend to China. Throughout the trip, I frequently overheard him expressing amazement to himself, marveling at the fact that he never knew certain places existed in China.

His genuine wonder at the undiscovered beauty our country held became a pivotal moment for me. It struck me that many foreigners construct their perception of China solely based on tier-one cities or the most renowned sites. As we explored numerous stunning locations, he often found himself as the sole foreigner present. Reflecting on this, I couldn't help but think: it was time for a change.

We firmly believe that China has much more to offer beyond the typical tourist spots. With 36 ethnic groups, each with a unique culture, our country is a tapestry of diversity

In the rugged northwest lies Dunhuang's Mogao Caves, a sprawling system of 500 temples spread across 400,000 square feet of caves. Here, ancient frescoes and sculptures offer a glimpse into China's millennia-old religious civilization. Venture to the southwest, where Yunnan's vibrant culture awaits. Known as the "South of Colored Clouds," this region is a melting pot of Chinese ethnic minorities. Their unique seasoning and cooking methods transform lesser-known vegetable, fruit, and mushroom varieties into distinctive dishes.Along the southeast coast lies Suzhou, a city beyond the glitz of Shanghai. Here, tranquil waterways wind through the city, revealing the classical elegance of Chinese gardens. Journey to the heart of China, to Xi'an, its most historical city. As the capital of 16 dynasties, Xi'an is steeped in history. Today, ancient walls, bell towers, and pagodas bear witness to its rich past, offering a glimpse into China's enduring heritage


I want to share these untold stories and experiences with you, offering a genuine and immersive perspective on the diverse beauty and culture that China has to offer. 

What my team and I were committed to  is simple yet steadfast:  We wouldn't introduce any site or food to you that we wouldn't personally want to experience or enjoy. 


Thank you for considering us for your journey.

Best regards,


Embark on your next adventure with us.


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