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12-Day Cultural Heritag

Beijing - Xi'an - Suzhou - Shanghai 


This journey is designed primarily for Chinese youth raised overseas to reconnect with their roots, yet we extend a warm invitation to young individuals from across the globe to join us. 

This trip offers five distinctive workshops aimed at introducing students to intangible Chinese cultural heritage. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with cultural heritage masters, learn from them, and create their own works. At the conclusion of the trip, students will present their creations to their peers, and parents are encouraged to join virtually for the presentation day.

Throughout this expedition, students will uncover the wonders of more than 10 Chinese cultural sites, including the storied Forbidden City and the majestic Emperor Qinshihuang's Mausoleum Site Museum. In addition to visiting conventional tourist destinations, we aim to provide our students with a more authentic experience of Chinese life. This includes exploring Beijing's Hutong and bustling local markets.


8-Day Classic China

Beijing - Xi’an - Shanghai

This expedition seamlessly connects three of China's paramount cities – Beijing, the cultural and political heart; Xi'an, the capital of 13 ancient dynasties; and Shanghai, an international metropolis. Condensing China's rich 5,000-year history, cultural heritage, and contemporary advancements into a concise 8-day journey, you'll witness and comprehend the country's remarkable transition from tradition to modernity as you visit approximately 15 prominent sites spread across these three cities.

Image by Kevin Olson

14-DAY Insight China 

Beijing - Xi'an- Guiyang-Yunnan (Dali & Lijiang) - Shanghai-Suzhou-shanghai 


This journey goes beyond the well-known landmarks in China, introducing our guests to hidden gems that showcase a distinct facet of the country. These lesser-known attractions offer insights into the diverse cultures of China's ethnic minorities, extending beyond the predominant Han Chinese culture. While the Great Wall and the Forbidden City stand as majestic historical structures, there exist numerous other wonders across China that evoke pride among the locals, yet remain relatively undiscovered—caves, peaks, rivers, terraces, and waterfalls.


Against the backdrop of these scenic wonders, we will arrange a long table feast for our guests. It will feature local dishes crafted from freshly harvested spices, mushrooms, and unique vegetables, providing an authentic taste of the region's culinary delights

Customize Your Own Journey

We genuinely believe that China offers much more than the usual tourist spots. With 36 ethnic groups, each with its unique culture, our country is a vibrant tapestry of diversity.


In the rugged northwest, ancient caves and grottoes have stood for thousands of years. In the southwest, a favorite for digital nomads, the Dai people adore wild mushrooms and an array of spices. Along the southeast coast, beyond the glitz of Shanghai, lies Suzhou, where small boats gracefully traverse the city along the river. In the heart of China, in Xi'an, the capital of the 16th dynasty, you discover not just a historical city but also culinary artisans crafting a staggering variety of over hundreds of noodle dishes.

Share with us the name of a city or what sights you'd like to explore or the activities you'd enjoy, and we'll craft a personalized sample trip plan for you at no cost!

( We will Get Back to You in One Business Day )

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