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8 Day Classic China

Beijing - Xi'an - Shanghai

Our All-inclusive Package:

  • Visa and insurance fees at no additional cost

  • Round-trip airfare and all transportation expenses within China, including airfare, bus, and train tickets, as well as sightseeing boat tickets

  • Accommodation throughout the duration of the tour

  • All breakfasts & 2 lunches & 2 dinners 

  • Tickets to all shows and cultural experiences featured in the tour itinerary

  • Tickets to all sightseeing attractions featured in the tour itinerary

  • An English-speaking guide accompanying the group for the duration of the trip, ensuring a smooth program and offering assistance with any issues encountered in China

  • Local guides in each area, offering expertise and familiarity with the region

  • Chinese SIM card with unlimited data usage

  • Professional photographer on board. At the end of the journey, each participant will receive 10-20 high-quality photos at no extra charge as a keepsake of their experience

Peking Duck
Peking Opera

DAY 01

PM: Check in & set up SIM card and payment methods & Welcome dinner 

  • Upon arrival in Beijing, your local guide will meet you at the arrival gate.

  • Transfer to the hotel and complete check-in procedures.

  • Icebreakers and an opening ceremony will be conducted.

  • The local guide will assist in setting up a Chinese SIM card (if you don't have data in China) and help you establish Alipay or WeChat payment methods. *These are essential for making payments in China, as most places prefer mobile payments over other methods like Apple Pay or credit cards.

  • Dinner: The welcome dinner will feature the renowned Peking duck while watching a traditional Peking opera (京剧).

DAY 02

AM: Tiananmen Square & Forbidden City

  • Explore Tiananmen Square to appreciate its historical and cultural significance.

  • Visit the Forbidden City delving into its rich history where emperors held court, concubines adorned themselves, and eunuchs plotted for five centuries.

  • Lunch: Experience famous beijing local cuisine — BeiJing Hot Pot

PM: Summer Palace & Beijing's Hutongs & Nanluoguxiang Night Market

  • Enjoy a tranquil boating experience amidst the serene beauty of lotus-filled lakes at the Summer Palace.

  • Embark on a pedi-cab tour through Beijing's Hutong, stopping at a traditional Siheyuan (courtyard home). You will be introduced to participate in traditional Chinese activities, with options such as calligraphy, paper-cutting, dumpling making, learning about stories of old objects in hutongs, cricket fighting, sugar figurine makin

  • Dinner: Explore the local flavors at Nanluoguxiang Night Market. *Recommended treats to try: 炸酱面 (Zhajiangmian), 糖葫芦 (Tanghulu), 卤煮 (Lu Zhou), 奶卷 (Nai Juan), 爆肚 (Bao Du)

Beijing Hotpot
Beijing street View

DAY 03

The great wall
authentic royal feast experience

AM: Temple of Heaven

  • Engage in morning activities at the Temple of Heaven, joining locals in leisure activities. Participate in activities such as learning Tai chi from a Master or trying your hand at yo-yo or kicking shuttlecocks.

  • Brunch: Delight in a brunch on the rooftop of a quaint building in a hutong, relishing the street view and immersing yourself in the historical architecture of Beijing.

PM: The Great Wall

  • Head to the Great Wall of China for an afternoon of exploration. Choose between hiking or taking the cable car for stunning views.

  • Dinner: Dine at a distinctive restaurant offering an authentic royal feast experience. Dress in attire reminiscent of ancient Chinese styles and prepare to be transported to a bygone era as you indulge in a sumptuous meal accompanied by traditional royal dance and service. (photograph available from this experience)

DAY 04

AM: Transfer from Beijing to Xi'an

  • Take an early bullet train at 7 am for an approximate arrival in Xi'an at 12 pm.

  • Lunch: Try Xi’an’s famous street food : Roujiamo / Paomo

PM: “Twelve Hours of Chang'an” Cultural District &The Grand Tang Dynasty Everbright City

  • Explore Twelve Hours of Chang'an, China's first immersive Tang-style city life district, covering 24,000 square meters of three-dimensional commercial space. It features Chang'an snacks, themed cultural creations, special performances, immersive games, and scenic experiences in diverse "original Tang" business forms. Many visitors dress up in Chinese Tang Dynasty costumes, offering an opportunity for you to immerse yourself in Tang Dynasty culture, take photos, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.

  • At evening, experience "The Grand Tang Dynasty Everbright City", where the modern city of Xi'an is transformed into the Tang Dynasty's heyday. 

  • Dinner: Try Xi’an Street food in this cultural setting.

Tang-style city life district
museum tour
 Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor

DAY 05

AM: Anrenfang Ruins Exhibition Center &Shaanxi History Museum

  • Embark on a museum tour to delve into the rich culture of the Tang Dynasty at three of Xi'an's most renowned museums: Anrenfang Ruins Exhibition Center, Xi'an Museum, and Shaanxi History Museum. Explore exhibits showcasing poetry, residences, costumes, musical instruments, and more.

  • Lunch: Local Food

PM: Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor & Hua Qing Palace

  • Visit the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor to marvel at the world-famous Terracotta Warriors and Horses.

  • Explore the Hua Qing Palace and unwind by soaking your feet in the hot springs before attending the stage play "The Song of Everlasting Hatred," set amidst the historical backdrop of the palace.

  • Dinner: Local Food around Hua Qing Palace 

*The Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor: renowned as one of the world's top ten rare treasures from ancient tombs. Housing over 8,000 life-size figurines known as the Terracotta Warriors of Qin Shi Huang, this site offers a fascinating glimpse into ancient burial customs, where slaves were interred alongside their masters as martyrs.

*The Huaqing Palace: served as a luxurious royal vacation villa and palatial retreat during the Tang Dynasty.

"The Song of Everlasting Regret: a captivating stage play based on the famous Chinese poet Bai Juyi's renowned poem. Set in the historical backdrop of the Huaqing Palace over 1,300 years ago, this performance vividly recreates the timeless love story of Emperor Li Longji and Yang Guifei, offering a mesmerizing glimpse into Tang Dynasty romance and intrigue.

DAY 06

AM: Fly from Xi'an to Shanghai

  • Lunch: Shanghai Local Cuisine

PM: City Walk &  Huangpu River Ferry Ride

  • Embark on a captivating exploration of Shanghai's dynamic streets with a leisurely city walk, commencing from Yuyuan Road and continuing through Xingdu Road, Huashan Road, and Xujiahui. Along the way, immerse yourself in the vibrant ambiance of China's most beautiful bookstore, an eclectic art district bustling with creativity, and charming coffee shops. Discover designer boutiques and peruse captivating pop-up galleries, embracing the lively spirit and cultural richness of Shanghai's urban landscape.

  • Dinner: Shanghai Local Cuisine

  • Evening: Head to the Bund and catch the Huangpu River ferry to enjoy breathtaking views of the city skyline and the iconic Oriental Pearl Tower illuminated against the night sky.

Huangpu River Ferry Ride
Shanghai City Walk

DAY 07

Gonqing National Forest Park
Gonqing National Forest Park

AM: Brunch and Relaxation

  • Enjoy a well-deserved morning of rest and relaxation, allowing yourself to sleep in and rejuvenate from the week of travel. Begin your day with a leisurely brunch to fuel up for the activities ahead.

PM: Gonqing National Forest Park & Xintiandi Shopping Mall

  • Visit Gonqing National Forest Park, Shanghai's unique park featuring lush forest landscapes. Explore the park's diverse recreational offerings, including roller coasters, electric slides, karting, bumper cars, rock climbing, paintball, tandem bicycles, jungle trains, and flying chairs.

  • Afterwards, take a leisurely stroll through Xintiandi, a vibrant district known for its blend of traditional Shikumen architecture and modern lifestyle amenities. Explore the area's upscale boutiques, trendy shops, and diverse dining options.

  • Dinner: Dining in the Xintiandi shopping mall 

  • Evening: Bar Hopping (If Desired)​

DAY 08

AM: Free Time!

Enjoy a day of leisure and exploration with free time for shopping, relaxation, or any additional activities of your choice.

PM:Return Flight

Board your return flight with cherished memories of your journey through China.

Summer Palace
Shanghai City Walk

Sample Itinerary

(Subject to Adjustment Based on Specific Conditions)

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